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Thanks to Everyone who ordered one of this Very Limited Kit !!

At the end of Cameron St. sits a group of businesses  Capitol Cabinetry, Dolly's Diner, The Blue Slipper Bar and Robbie's Welding Shop.  This is Cameron Street Corner.  These 4 structures can be modeled as displayed or worked into your current commercial area.  Most of CSC are laser etched brick structures etched from 3/32 basswood. Modelers have been asking for more brick structures for their layout or diorama and these fit the bill. Cameron St. Corner is KC's latest Limited Edition Kit and by Limited I mean Limited. We will only be offering Cameron Street Corner for a one week period, and will be limited to the  Orders we receive between Nov 1 to Nov 7. We are only cutting Cameron St. Corner once so if we receive ONE order or One Hundred that's it NO MORE ! Stop by our table at The Fine Scale Model Railroader Expo in Altoona PA on Nov 2 and Nov 3 to check out Cameron Street Corner. Featuring Northeastern Scale Lumber Tichy and Laser cut Doors and Windows  BEST, Scale Model Masterpiece and SS Ltd Castings.

Our Plan is to start shipping Cameron Street Corner the week of Dec. 17 2017  as to get them to you prior to Xmas !

Each Kit will be individually numbered  xx of xx

A Special Thanks to Everyone Who Ordered One !

Figures Vehicles and Scenery NOT Included !    Footprints are as Follows;  Capitol Cabinetry 4.5"x4.5 " Dolly's Diner 4" x1.5" Blue Slipper Bar 5.5" x 3" Robbie's Welding 4" x 2.5 "  Approx.  The whole diorama fits nicely on a 14' x 16 " of Gatorboard