Collins Paint Storage HO Scale Craftsman Kit


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A Smaller Structure  inspired by the F&SM  and changed to a brick structure
This structure would be great in any setting and would 
work well as small line side structure or perfect for a wharf 
or pier scene Use your imagination !  This little one or two night project would also be 
great for the beginner. Kit comes with laser cut and engraved Brick
walls   Laser cut doors and Tichy windows and structure related
 castings. Kit comes with multiple roofing options that gives you enough 
material to use any roofing on the structure. 
( Tar Paper, Corrugated,  Standard  Shingles  ) 

Kit comes with diagrams but no instructions !

Approx. Footprint 2" x 3"    (2"x5" with cement dock)
Figures and Vehicles NOT Included