Country Corner Scratch Built / Built up Diorama

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 Country Corner is what is for sale today.  A full size complete Scratch Built Diorama approx. 12 x 20".  This diorama includes some great castings from Sierra West, FSM and so forth.  The details of this unique 4 building diorama include multiple roofing designs such as shingle, tin and so on.  The signage for the buildings are great old time country styles with windows and barn style doors to match.  So why dont you help me out here, That Woman, Yes the wife is making me a CRAZY man trying to get rid of all my hard work.  All I am hearing is, ITS GOT TO GO !! Make some room before i find the trash.  I feel like my kids when she use to clean their rooms. (LOLOLOL)  Pay backs are hell, her craft room is next !!!  Anyone in need of a die cutting machine?  (JK)   Shipping not included.