J.L Johnsons Coming Soon !
J.L Johnsons Coming Soon !

F&SM Inspired Busted Knuckle Garage



Third in our F&SM inspired Kits is The Busted Knuckle Garage 

This one is based on a neat little filler structure on Georges layout.  I have made some modifications to the original such as the roof and the length of the building. This one is the same as the other 2 you get all the parts to build a complete structure, No castings or instructions. This is a pretty basic structure that should be no problem for even the novice builder. Laser engraved brick walls laser cut doors and Tichy windows.  Included is a photo sheet with photos of Georges as well and all angles of KC's 

This one is a quick little couple evening project wit a small footprint (3 x3 with the sidewalk)  that can fill that open little spot on your layout.