2018 Limited Edition HO Scale Kit "Steelton Wharf" !
Steelton Wharf !

Modular Brick Wall Sections !!


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KC's Modular wall sections ! These are single wall pieces for the sctatch builder. These are designed to be used together to build whatever the modeler can imagine. Over the next few weeks we will be adding all sorts of different modular components all designed to work together. These will include different length side sections or different width front and rear sections all with multiple window and door placements. We also will be adding store fronts ,cornices and other parts designed to add to the overall look of your structure. If you look things over you can see that this line will only be limited by your imagination. If you want a 2 story or 3 story you just add the correct wall section and you get just that. We will be posting photos of some structures using these parts to give you an idea of the possibilities. So you can see by choosing 2 side walls and a rear wall section along with a store front you have the makings of a 1 story little brick store. add the correct wall sections and you can easily make this a 2 or more story building. Also coming will be some clapboard wall sections designed to be incorporated with the brick sections. So just check the dimensions and match them up and there you have it. These can also be incorporated into an existing design to add some masonry walls to your scratch built designs !