BENCH TOP FURNITURE, First in the series " Multi-Foot Print" Models

( O Scale ) Goobers Auto and Towing


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O Scale  Here is an awesome diorama of Goobers Auto and Towing which was part of a Kit bash in Ho scale.  This is a Great model with many great details and castings.  The signs used are nicely aged and the choice in mixed roofing is perfect.  Sized to drop in your layout perfectly. The crossed wooden windowed doors on the front are the perfect touch.  Dont miss your chance on this one.  Priced to sell for sure.  Help KC clean out the workshop, the Mrs. is on the warpath about too much clutter and too many models.  Geez ya think she would give me a break ! (LOL)  This diorama is as is, what you see is what you get.