Stearns and Wheelock Metalworks HO Scale Craftsman Kit (PRESALE)

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                    Stearns & Wheelock Metalworks

Stearns & Wheelock is a great looking structure with multiple additions to the original structure. Business was good so the partners kept expanding. Original structure was clapboard but the additions consist of board and batten as well as board on board construction, shake shingles, corrugated roofing and tarpaper as well as a brick foundation. Giving our builder multiple challenges  to work with. 

Laser cut doors, Tichy windows, Northeastern Scale Lumber, KC's laser engraved foundation and FSM and BEST Castings. 

The great looking mock up/display expertly built by Craig Brotman ! 

Figures and Vehicles NOT Included 

Approx. Footprint 

Presale Now and shipping Jan 1,2022 so get on board now and make this your first kit of the New Year !  Presale Price only available for a short time !    

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