Pre Sale Cameron Street Mill !
Pre Sale Cameron Street Mill !

Sweetman Pharmacy


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Will Be Back in Stock Soon !  We are making a few modifications to Sweetmans and will be cutting the first of these New Sweetmans this weekend. Mods include a laser engraved Brick rear wall Laser Cut Shingles and some additional signage. 

Sweetman's Pharmacy is styled after your typical city structure that has multiple add on's that were built to accommodate the growing needs of the business. Typically they started as the family home and then were built up as time went by. Sweetman's is just that with multiple textures, roof lines and add on's.

This would look great on any layout , Features Northeastern Scale Lumber, Tichy Doors and windows , BEST Castings as well as laser cut details, multiple roofing textures as well as clapboard and scribed walls, hydrocal stone loading dock base   7"x 7" footprint 

This would be a great addition to any Main St or rural scene as a stand alone Business  Figures and Vehicles not Included !