Grumpy's Cafe & Bonney Wrenches Get Em Now !
Grumpy's Cafe & Bonney Wrenches Get EM Now !

Takoma Stores Limited Offering ! Sold Out !

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Takoma Shop's Limited Offering, a collaborative effort between  KC's Workshop and CCK (Carolina Craftsman Kits).  A unique offering featuring 2 buildings and the office and building supply shed.  Order Now through this web-site or contact  Quantitys are very limited when there gone there gone ! 

.....featuring laser-cut walls and roofing panels, KC Workshop brick finishes and storefronts, Tichy windows and doors and additional laser-cut custom windows and doors.  Detail features including sign, decorative panels, hand rails, stairway and rooftop details.  This unique group of buildings are typical of any early era scene or later day after updated conversion to satisfy the needs of numerous tenants.  Enjoy this collaborative effort from KC's Workshop and Carolina Craftsman Kits..... Only A Few Left so get yours before they are gone !