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KC's Auto 3 HO Kits Together


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  Jason Jensen of "Jason Jensen Trains " Recently did on great kit bash of 3 of our Lower Cost " It's a Snap" Kits .  These kits are usually a no frills lower cost kit giving the builder everything to complete the structure at a lower cost. Jason is combined the following 3 kits into one spectacular looking structure.  ( Goober's Service and Towing, Marty's Fix It Shop & Our Utility Shed )  We are offering all three of these together for a special price as well as adding in a couple things Jason added on his build.  Also Marty's Fix It is a retired kit and the only way to get it is purchase it here.  The Prices on the 3 individually  Marty's $24.95 Utility Shed $24.95 Goober's $39.95   Total $89.85  Buy all 3 for one price of $85.00   You save plus get the foundation materials and some extra stuff to complete the kit bash just as Jason did