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Grumpy's Cafe & Bonney Wrenches Get EM Now !

Scratch built version of a FOS Kit, HT Gordon


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This is a Great multi building structure made into one.  The detail on the buildings along with the aging of materials and multi wood types and tar paper type roofing and some shingle as well flat gravel type roofing gives many textures to play with and remake into your image.  With the track leading up to the loading area and the stairway showing as well as shed this just gives you so much to play with. This is at least 85 % complete, please note this is a scratch built version of HT Gordon and NOT a true FOS KIT.  No signs so your imagination and this kit will be amazing.  Price is 225.00  As is, What you see is what you get. Alot of time and energy went into building this scratch structure. (shipping not included)  This one is going to go th the workbench soon and get the rest of the bells and whistles and once done is sure to be offered for more $